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Tracey Adams
Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Gut Health Specialist

Nutrition has always been a passion for me; I find it fascinating and always enjoy learning new things about it. My goal is to make nutrition easier to understand and to make it simple to transition to a healthier way of life. It saddens me that so much disease in the US is food-related and preventable. I want to help change that.

Nutrition, stress management and environmental toxicants play a huge role in our medical health, mental health and quality of life, yet none of those topics are common knowledge, nor are they taught in school. Knowing how to care for ourselves is something we should all be experts in.


What is Holistic Nutrition?

Nutrition refers to the nutritional needs of our physical bodies as is met by the food we eat. Holistic Nutrition considers that our physical bodies are so deeply connected to our mind and spirit that we must nourish all three to be truly healthy.

The way our bodies use the nutrients we eat is affected by the toxicants we are exposed to, how we manage stress and relationships and more. Even the way our genes express themselves in terms of disease is changed by how we eat. Mental health and the workings of our nervous system is connected to our diet and our endocrine system (hormones). Toxicants in our food and environment affect weight, mental health, immunity, allergies - it's all connected! Current research is uncovering astounding connections between gut health and the overall health of a person.

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Kentucky, USA