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Blue Zone peoples live longer than anyone else. Why?

Over 20 years ago, researchers shared the results of an extensive study of the longest-living communities on the planet. Dubbed the "Blue Zones", these places have the highest concentration of long-lived people, and they have several things in common.

If you're thinking that a long life isn't in your genes, you're wrong. Only 23-26% of longevity is due to heredity. The other 74-77% is due to your lifestyle choices.

According to the research, this is how to live a long life:

  • Make movement (exercise) part of life
  • Find a sense of purpose
  • Don't eat until you're "full" - by then, it's too much
  • Eat less meat; get protein from healthier sources, such as beans and grains
  • Enjoy a little alcohol every day rather than more on weekends
  • Belong to a faith-based community
  • Put family first
  • Spend time with those who support your wellbeing

If you're inspired or want to learn more, check out the link on Blue Zone Habits below.


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Blue Zone Habits
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